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Welcome to the Radios for Sale page! I try to describe my radios as accurately as possible. Some of these radios are perfect and some are repaired. Please refer to my Main Page and read the section on a Dan Blake style repair. This will give you a good understanding of what a repair is. The individual pages describe the condition of each set.

Please examine all of the high resolution photos and, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. All offers are welcome! Shipping will be $80 added on to the cost of the radio. All radios will be double-boxed and shipped with the USPS priority mail insured for full amount.

Email Paul Pontrello at or call 425-345-6083.

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EMERSON Model 400   Item 28
  Model: 400
  Year: 1940
ADDISON Model 2   Item 29
  Model: 2
  "Baby Addison"
  Year: 1940

MOTOTOLA 50-XC   Item 30
  Model: 50-XC Series
  "Circle Grille"
  Year: 1940
Humpback Whale carving   Item 31
  "Humpback Whale"
  Artist: Greg Pontius

KADETTE K25   Item 32
  Model: K25
  Year: 1937
EMERSON Model BM-258   Item 33
  Model: BM-258
  "Big Miracle"
  Year: 1937

MOTOROLA Model 52   Item 34
  Model: 52
  "Vertical Grille"
  Year: 1939
Dahlberg Model 4130-D1   Item 35
  Make: Dahlberg
  Model: 4130-D1
  "Pillow Speaker Radio"
  Year: 1955

Packard Bell Model AR-851   Item 36
  Make: Packard Bell
  Model: AR-851
  "Gilligan's Island Radio"
  Year: 1965
Namco   Item 37
  Make: Namco Radio
  Year: 1938?

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