Item 37 -- Namco Radio

   Year: 1938?
   Color: green case
   Dimensions: 8"W x 5.25"D x 6"H
   Description/condition:The Namco is one of the rarest all catalin radios. It did not make it into the main catalin radio books so it's not known by many, but the long time collectors all want one. There are only about fifteen Namco radios known to exist. They were made in alabaster white, oxblood red, blue and green. Because of the design of the radio, having thin walls in all of the grooves, they all have stress lines in varying degrees depending on how well it was taken care of. This radio case has been cosmetically repaired by Dan Blake who is the best repairman in the business . The knobs and handle are reproduction, the plastic dial window is original. The chassis has been gone through and plays great. Don't miss out on this one, you'll regret it down the road.

   Price: SOLD

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